Happy Tails Bullmastiffs

Welcome to Happy Tails

Bullmastiffs are gentle giants.  They love their family. Are sweet and enjoy being with you. Our bullmastiffs are part of our family.  We breed for temperament to give you the best possible companion to fit into your family.  We love bullmastiffs and once you have one you will too.

Why choose a Happy Tails Bullmastiff Pup???

I breed Bullmastiffs as family pets.  Socilaziation and personality are very important to me. I  am also an ABC Certified Dog Trainer.  I am happy to answer any questions about the dog you purchase from me for the lifetime of the dog .  I am passionate about finding the best homes possible for my pups and I am here to help you and your dog become the best of companions for a lifetime of bullmastiff happiness!!!!

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