Quotes At the time of this review, Sampson (purple boy from Leo and LuLu's second litter) is almost 9 months and doing great. His health is fantastic and he's been a breeze to train (even compared to past dogs, including our GSD). Sampson was housebroken in just a few days and his transition home was seamless. He is now well on his way to Canine Good Citizen!. Amy is a responsible breeder who goes out of her way for her dogs and the puppies she raises. All of her dogs are super friendly, the kennels are clean and are raised within the home environment. Amy and Paige take great care for the puppies before you receive them so by the time they come home..the pups are cuddly, happy and well socialized. No health problems or issues. When we are ready for another addition to our pack -- we are coming back to Happy Tails. Quotes
John @ Staca
If you want a Bullmastiff - this is your breeder!!

Quotes From the first time I laid eyes on LuLu's puppies on Facebook and had my first "conversation" with Amy, up until today, I have had the best puppy experience possible. Amy's puppies are raised in her home with lots of love. She frequently updates puppy parents with new pictures of the pups as they are growing. She is very responsive to all questions. The puppies get all of their vet checks and vaccines at the appropriate times. The day I went to pick up my blue boy, I felt very comfortable and welcomed, because I had been communicating with Amy regularly. My Thor is a very healthy, handsome, and loving 16 month old brindle bullmastiff. I would definitely get another puppy from Amy! Quotes
Beverly Boher and Raphel Robinson
Happy Puppy Parents

Quotes My puppy MaLu, what a girl !!! She is loved by all. I am so grateful to Amy for her attention to the detail of her puppy's personalities, for without it, I would not have my new best friend. I am sure the puppy I went to pick up would have been great but she would not have been MaLu. I would highly recommend Happy Tails if you want a puppy that fits you and your family. Amy does a great job putting her pups in the right home for them. I could go on and on about how great my MaLu is, but I will leave with a great big "THANK-YOU" to Amy. Quotes
" Me and My Girl"

Quotes Since the day I spoke to Amy at Happy Tails I knew I would fall in love with her and her fur babies! Such a caring, loving, outgoing person. She answered all my questions and still to this day (9 months after getting my puppy) she is open to all the questions I have. We have gained an extended family with happy tails! She truly cares for her dogs, puppies and even beyond when there in there new homes she still cares and checks in. Couldnt have asked for a better breeder to do business with and remain friends beyond that. Thank you so much!!! Quotes
Priscilla pellicier

Quotes It took as about a year to find a perfect match! Amy was that responsible, honest and trustworthy dog breeder that we were looking for. Her dogs are stunning and well cared for. Bringing a big powerful dog into the family with a kid and another dog can be worrisome but our baby Frida came to us as a very well socialized, smart and healthy puppy and now she is becoming a perfect gorgeous bullmastiff that everyone is in love with. Thank you! Quotes
Happy owner

Quotes Our boxer, Bruno was becoming a senior and we wanted to find a puppy to fit with our family and lifestyle. A web search revealed Happy Tails' litter. It was the correspondence with Amy and all the pictures that swayed us into purchasing our puppy (Atticus aka "The Atti-Gator") and driving to WV. I believe we were one of the first to purchase a puppy from the litter and we chose a pup very early. As the puppies aged, Amy contacted us and recommended another puppy, because of its temperament with the rest of the litter. We are so happy we did, Atticus is not only a monster (in size), but has the most adorable face, ridiculously long tougue and soulful eyes. He has become well adjusted and very social. I have told him a number of times that he'd be in trouble if he wasn't so darn cute. Amy has been availlible for questions from pre-sale until today. She has a great family, her pets are well kept and very social. My father saw Atticus and purchased Xena from Amy. Quotes
John and Penny Horsman
Our Family's New Addition "The Atti-Gator"

Quotes Happy Tails introduced us to the newest member of our family! Amy helped us find our new puppy, answered all of our questions and made his transition to our home a very special occasion. Our new boy is a beautiful, healthy and well adjusted puppy. You've made us very happy! Thank you!!! Quotes
Bruce and Kim Buchanan
Happy Happy Tails Customers!

Quotes We couldn't possibly be any happier with our Puppy (Bentley) that we purchased from Amy! I have bought other dogs throughout my life and know the process very well. The difference here was buying a puppy from across the country. We had to place alot of trust in Amy to relay to us the personality traits and attitude of the puppies so we could make our decision because we were unable to make it there to look at all the dogs to judge for ourselves. We let Amy know what we were looking for and she told us what she was seeing in the puppies as far as personalities went. Long story short, almost 8 months later and nearly 100 lbs of bullmastiff we are extremely happy with our choice. Amy was spot on with her analysis of our dog. We got exactly what we wanted and the whole process went extremely smooth! We would recommend buying from Amy anytime! Quotes
John and Barb

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